Public Affairs


Arkansas state law blocks K-12 schools from connecting to an already existing taxpayer funded high- speed Internet infrastructure. Almost half of Arkansas schools are not meeting national standards and Arkansas is ranked near the bottom for digital learning.



The Walton Family Foundation came to us asking for help, they wanted to update current state law and work with the state government and the general assembly to make this issue visible to the public and legislators. FASTERArkansas grew from a Governor appointed committee into a 501(c)(4) organization and recognizable grassroots movement that spread across Arkansas in less than a year.

Message Development

Overall message frame and talking points developed from the ground up through statewide poll-tested messaging to identify which messages stuck with our target audiences.

Brand Development

Campaign logo and branding were developed in house and combined with messaging to effectively represent issue to our target audience.

Grassroots Advocacy

A grassroots field team developed relationships with educators, business leaders and city leadership in all four corners of the state through small meetings with school districts and communities, earned media events, speaking opportunities with partner organization conferences and two statewide tele-town hall meetings. Relationships with national organizations and nonprofits were developed to leverage support on a national level.


All campaign collateral was created in house to effectively leverage grassroots support and educate constituents and lawmakers. Simplicity and consistency were executed through each piece so target audiences could easily identify and recognize the campaign. A several educational videos and a statewide commercial were created using grassroots talent.

Digital Strategy

Social media platforms and ad buys were used to direct grassroots support and legislators to our content. The website is used as a platform to share and generate news about the campaign through in house blogs, videos, and press releases. The website also included a tool for activists to reach out to their legislators via email directly and sign up to join the campaign.


Total number of organized grassroot meetings in targeted areas: 40
Total number of conferences and presentations: 20
Tele-town hall meetings: 2 with participation of over 7,000 Arkansans
Total number of organized earned media events: 20
Total Number of Articles: 102
Total Number of National Articles: 7
Total Number of Media Outlets: 30