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German American Aviation Heritage Foundation

The German American Aviation Heritage Foundation (GAAHF) was founded in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) by Deutsche Lufthansa AG to focus on this mission: to honor and celebrate the important friendship between Germany and the United States, to commemorate our joint legacy in historic aviation and aerospace achievements, and to inspire all generations about the fascination and dynamic accomplishments of our past while sharing the many future possibilities in aviation and aerospace industries. GAAHF is a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization that endeavors to embrace and foster our strong German and American roots in a meaningful way while embracing our aviation heritage and enlightening the future aviators, engineers and travelers of tomorrow. From the very first steps of this endeavor, the Markham Group has worked to establish every aspect of bringing this important mission to our followers around the world. We are proud the motto we created for GAAHF: "Preserving and honoring joint German and American aviation traditions and heritage and rediscovering the fascination of the early days of passenger flight.”

German American Aviation Heritage Foundation


The Markham Group provided immediate and long-term strategic counsel for all aspects of establishing, developing and sustaining a partnership with GAAHF. Since 2014, we have successfully managed:

Education and Program Development

This project and organization has facilitated and inspired others through STEM+Arts (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering) and is a proud member of the STEM Education Coalition.  GAAHF’s social media channels showcase the heritage, STEM + Arts,  women and students of aviation, status and event updates, and the pioneers of the industry. The Markham Group also created the, “Comeback of a German-American Aviation Icon” which was aimed at fundraising for bringing the Super Star back into the skies.

Strategic Communications

GAAHF has built and currently distributes monthly newsletters to readers and enthusiasts across the globe.  Since the establishment of GAAHF, this project has caught national attention and has been featured in the renowned Smithsonian Air & Space magazine, as well as a two-part webstory feature by Warbirds Aviation.

GAAHF has been invited and participated in several events across the country, such as:

  • Annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit in Washington, DC
  • Hannover Messe 2016 in Hanover, Germany
  • Cradle of Aviation Curators’ Conference in New York, NY
  • EU Day hosted by The German Embassy in Washington, DC
  • Lufthansa and U.S. Gateway Launch at FRA-SJO, in San Jose, CA

Long-Term Foundation Sustainability

GAAHF has worldwide support from aviation industry partners, FAA, EASA, LBA and many enthusiasts for this project. We have inspired and broadened our network amplification within our DC-based organization by establishing an Advisory Council, composed of U.S. experts from industry, economics, public affairs, fundraising, politics and partnership with Germany.


GAAHF continuously strives to keep building a sustainable program for corporate social responsibility, promote leadership in STEM+Arts education and continue to foster growth nationally. While we still are in the process of a pre-launch flight plan, our restoration goals for future operation maintain at a steady pace with a trained aeronautical team with the expectation for an absolute unique airplane and flight experience.