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Know Your Value

MSNBC and Mika Brzezinski came to The Markham Group to develop, design and produce a series of events to promote Ms. Brzezinski’s message of female empowerment in the workplace through personal branding and development workshops called “Know Your Value.”

Know Your Value workshop with Mika Brzezinski


The goal of this series of events was to maximize audience participation and engagement with the “Know Your Value” brand. The events were designed as full-day conferences intended to foster and encourage female empowerment, while having a “live on TV” production value. The Markham Group worked on a daily basis with NBC and Comcast to plan and execute a five-city nationwide tour that capitalized on Ms. Brzezinski’s popularity. Our team was involved in every level of tour and event development, from online ticketing to venue scouting and booking, to production management and event execution and staffing.


The Markham Group successfully helped NBC and Ms. Brzezinski produce five “Know Your Value” events across the country. The events created sustained media buzz and increased brand awareness over the course of the year. With over 2,500 people attending the events in person, and thousands more online and on MSNBC, the Markham Grouped helped Ms. Brezinski and MSNBC reach a wide audience and develop deep brand engagement. The end result was sustained national attention in the press on women's equality issues in the workplace.