Issue Advocacy

NextGen Climate Action

In past election years climate change has taken a backseat to other issues. NextGen Climate wanted elected officials to recognize the negative long-term economic impact climate change will have on their districts if they continue to vote against environmental protection measures.


The objective our team was given was to enhance and support NGC national and state-specific campaign efforts. Our goal was to increase constituent engagement in climate change issues during the 2014 election cycle. Services we provided during the campaign include the following:

Issue Advocacy

Our team grew NGC national and state specific campaign efforts through earned media events, partnerships with local organizations and issue focused tours. Our team directed field teams and developed strategic outreach that increased collection of Climate Action Voter pledge cards.

Event planning

Our team coordinated multiple events across seven states. We adapted NGC messaging to fit state specific politics while maintaining a fun, attention grabbing tone for actions as appropriate. Through these events, we maintained NGC’s reputation as an organization favoring delivery of messaging in an eye catching and memorable way.

Earned Media Events

We created a total of 121 earned media events, garnering coverage across broadcast, print and social media. Some of the biggest successes included the following:

  • Rick Scott’s Ark in Florida
  • Scott Brown’s Truck tour in New Hampshire
  • Big Oil for Joni at the Iowa State Fair
  • “Where’s Terri?” videos in Michigan
  • Unite for Mike and Video Truck tour in Maine
  • Cory Gardner House of Deception 5-day tour in Colorado

Digital strategy

Specific paid media included regularly updated digital billboard buys in Iowa, Florida and Michigan; light rail wrap in Denver; aerial advertising in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, and Colorado; and print advertising in mainstream Iowa papers as well as college papers in Iowa, Michigan, and Florida and promoted social media presence in Florida and Michigan.


Our team was successful in both long-term actions as well as rapid response for NGC communicating the importance of climate change and bringing it to the forefront of discussion. Our team included six state leads and 14 additional state based staff members, plus a short-term presence in Pennsylvania.