Public Affairs

No More Casinos Coalition

The Seneca Nation wanted to convert property in Monroe County New York into sovereign land in order to have a casino built in the town of Henrietta, NY.


Our first goal was to halt the efforts and raise awareness of the plan of the Seneca Gaming Corporation to put a casino in the town of Henrietta, NY. Our secondary goal was to achieve a county-wide resolution through the county executive and legislature. Services we provided during the campaign include the following.

Message Development

Overall message frame and talking points developed from county- wide polling to identify which messages resonated with our target audiences.

Brand Development

Campaign logo and branding were generated in-house and combined with messaging to effectively represent the issue to target audiences.

Grassroots Advocacy

Our field team targeted two regions of Monroe County and garnered earned media at town board meetings and made public aware through automated calls of meetings between the opposition and town board. We started coalition building and citizen awareness and education, establishing a volunteer base through canvassing and phone banking, encouraging citizens to attend town board meetings and express opposition. We organized biweekly meetings with business, political and church groups and targeted town board members and county legislators.


Campaign collateral was created in-house to leverage grassroots support and educated target audiences. Each piece was executed precisely so target audiences could easily identify and recognize the campaign.

Digital Strategy

Social media platforms were used to direct our grassroots effort and coalition to content, news and information about upcoming town hall meetings and the overall campaign effort.


NMCC was successful in forcing the Henrietta Town Board to pass a formal resolution opposing the construction of a casino. NMCC further directed its efforts towards garnering a countywide resolution in the county legislature with the lead county executive ultimately coming out against the proposal.