Issue Advocacy

From federal to state to local issue campaigns for national organizations we connect your message with key stakeholders and generate action among real supporters in the field.

Our Approach

Brand Development & Research

We take you from start to finish. Our creative and communications teams collaborate to bring your message to life. From a unique collateral piece to grab the attention of your supporters or a full brand strategy with a unique logo we are with you every step of the way to collaborate with your team, localize your message and bring it to life with key influencers and supporters. Our services include, but are not limited to the following.

Policy Research

We take time to do the background work for you. We thoroughly research all areas so we know all angles of your issue.

Polling & Analysis

By polling your target audience and taking your existing national message we will be able to give it the local impact you will need to move and reach your audience saving you time and money as you work to accomplish your objectives.

Modeling & Analytics

We use thousands of data points ranging from demographics to consumer data to refine the best target universes. We will create a model that will mobilize your audience and build targeted messaging to get your issue in front of key influencers and elected officials.

Message Development

We outline your message into buckets based on your target audience and then poll-test the messages so we can identify which work best to motivate your supporters.


Grassroots Outreach

Education and Awareness

We will use localized messaging to develop an educational campaign on your issue. The campaign will educate local and community organizations, and business leaders on this issue. We will work within the community to get all supporting organizations to join our cause and generate awareness at earned media events.

Grassroots and Grasstops Coalition Building

Through strategic outreach and face-to-face relationship building we generate grassroots activism from local community members.

Direct Mail

We deliver your message directly to your target audience’s front door and personalize each piece through variable data. Each piece we create builds off the other and motivates action.

Tele-Town Halls

We make sure all steps are covered to maximize call impact and generate earned media. We engage your target audience, so they can participate in real-time with your issue, getting your message to key influencers and targeted elected officials.

Advocacy and Patch Calls

We remind your audience of important campaign messaging, upcoming events and city council meetings for call to action activities.

Our Services

Federal, State and Local
Government Affairs
Government Affairs
Public Policy
Lobbying and Political Navigation
Grass Tops and Grassroots Outreach
Corporate Social Responsibility
Issue Analysis
Strategic Counsel
Political Strategy
Campaign Development
Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
Coalition/Partnership Building
DC Fly-Ins
Decision Maker Site Visits
Executive Leadership Trip Planning
Speaking Engagement Facilitation
Message Development
Policy Research
Polling Analysis
Media Relations
Crisis Communications
Risk Management
Brand Development / Exposure
Advisory / Release / Op-Ed Crafting
Paid Media Placement
Digital Program Management
Data Analytics/Micro-Targeting
Direct Mail/Print Media Services
Graphics and Digital Design
Product Promotion
Issue Tracking

Case Studies

Issue Advocacy


Since 2008, we have worked intimately with ONE to stage advocacy trips to Africa. ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids in school and improving futures.

Case Study
Issue Advocacy

NextGen Climate Action

In past election years climate change has taken a backseat to other issues. NextGen Climate wanted elected officials to recognize the negative long-term economic impact climate change will have on their districts if they continue to vote against environmental protection measures.

Case Study
Issue Advocacy

Medicaid Expansion: Arkansas Hospital Association

When the Affordable Care Act was passed it gave states the option to expand Medicaid for low-income residents under the provisions of the ACA.

Case Study
Event Management  •  Issue Advocacy

Know Your Value

MSNBC and Mika Brzezinski came to The Markham Group to develop, design and produce a series of events to promote Ms. Brzezinski’s message of female empowerment in the workplace through personal branding and development workshops called “Know Your Value.”

Case Study